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How to Contribute Material to IncontiNet

IncontiNet welcomes submissions of material suitable for posting, including articles, essays, reviews, opinions, commentary, etc. (Simple questions and contemporary discussions should be submitted instead to our internet mailing list, “Incontilist@incontinet.com”; click here for subscription instructions for Incontilist.)

In submitting materials, be sure to pay attention to copyright laws and submit only materials for which you have appropriate permission or legal rights. All contributions will be “signed” by the contributor, who shall be legally responsible for the submission. (contact DrPerry@clever.net to discuss anonymous contributions; there are exceptions to every rule!)

Preliminary Research Results

We especially welcome preliminary research results that are not yet in form for submission to professional conventions or publications. Gather up your raw data, formulate your initial observations, and submit it all to your peers. You should invite reader feedback and provide an email address for such feedback. This could be a valuable service. [The thing I hated most about finally graduating from my last grad school was discovering that NOW I had to pay people (in money or in kind) for their critical opinions.-JDP]